Methane Testing & Soil Gas Investigations

Methane Test Los Angeles – LADBS Approved Testing Lab

Methane Test Los Angeles – LADBS Approved Testing Agency

Methane Specialists has successfully completed thousands of projects in Los Angeles, Southern California and throughout the United States. From single family residence developments to subterranean high rise towers, our professional staff of engineers and scientists provide quality services to our clients. Methane Specialists takes pride in providing our clients with the expertise and professionalism that come with over 40 years of experience as the premier Methane Testing & Investigation Los Angeles. We invite you to contact us to schedule your Methane Test Los Angeles.

The Process

We have worked with several government agencies and partners to come up with testing standards for their specific jurisdictions. One example, Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) has set forth testing guidelines and requirements for new construction projects. A Methane Investigation in Los Angeles requires a series of sub-slab probes placed below-grade based on specific site conditions. Once readings are taken, the site is classified a certain Methane Mitigation Design Level. Based on the Methane Mitigation Design Level, Methane Specialists’ professional Engineering staff will design a Methane Mitigation System, based on the Methane Mitigation Standards provided by the LADBS. Methane Test Los Angeles

Methane Testing & Soil Gas Investigation Services:

Site-Specific Testing

  • Compliance With Local, State and Federal Guidelines

  • Experienced Equipment Operators

  • Licensed in the State of California

  • LADBS Methane Testing

  • Soil Gas Investigations

DOGGR Site Reviews

  • Construction Over Former Oil Wells

  • Construction Over Contaminated Sites

  • Construction Over Former Livestock Areas

  • Construction Adjacent to Old Landfills

Construction Safety Monitoring

  • Soil Gas Levels During Excavation

Real Estate Audits

  • Regulatory Compliance Reviews

  • Safety Audits

  • Evaluation of Existing Monitoring Systems