Methane Testing & Soil Gas Investigations

Complete Regulatory Compliance

Trust Methane Specialists to perform reliable site-specific methane testing, DOGGR site reviews, excavation monitoring, and real estate audits.

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Design and Engineering

Proven Design Team

We offer detailed engineered designs for Passive Methane Mitigation Systems, Electronic Detection Systems, Mechanical Ventilation Systems, Groundwater Control Systems, Oil and Tar Mitigation, Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems, and more.

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Methane Mitigation Barrier & Waterproofing Installation

Professional Installations You Can Trust

Ensure success in your construction project with professional installations of Methane Mitigation Barriers, Below-Grade Waterproofing, Above-Grade Waterproofing and Coatings.

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Methane Specialists

Methane Specialists works with Architects, Engineers, Developers, Builders and Owners across Southern California and the United States to deliver industry-leading engineering services. Our firm offers a wide range of construction support services, including methane testing and consulting, soil gas investigations, licensed deputy inspections, construction quality assurance services, and environmental site assessments. We invite you to contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

As a leading choice for methane testing and consulting, Methane Specialists seeks to offer results that are swift, accurate, and comprehensive. We provide our clients with a genuine dedication to Methane and Soil Gas Engineering that extends to all parts of our firm. Our clients rely on our professionalism to provide them with the results they need.

Our Professional Services

Our full-time staff at Methane Specialists includes experienced engineers and other registered professionals dedicated to Methane Testing & Soil Gas Investigations, Methane Mitigation Design and Engineering and various other Environmental Engineering needs. Methane Specialists remains one of the only companies in the United States solely dedicated to Methane and Soil Gas Engineering, Construction De-Watering, Tar Mitigation and Waterproofing Consulting.

Methane Testing & Soil Gas Investigations

Methane Mitigation Design & Engineering


Methane Deputy Inspections & Quality Assurance

Methane Mitigation & Waterproofing Installation

Ready for your Environmental Site Assessment?

ESA’s are an important part of even the most standard real estate transactions. Our team can detect contamination and recommend the right solutions to prevent legal dispute. Get in touch with us today to get started.