Methane Deputy Inspections & Quality Assurance

Licensed Methane Deputy Inspectors, Waterproofing Inspectors and Construction Monitoring Scientists

Elevating Standards Across the Project

Methane Specialists provides Experienced & Licensed Inspectors for various construction and environmental scopes of work. We provide Methane Deputy Inspections, Waterproofing Inspectors, Construction Monitoring Scientists & Field Engineers to our clients. Our professional staff of inspectors provides the highest level of quality assurance on various types of projects. We invite you to contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Achieve the Quality Assurance You Need

We’ve been supporting construction and land development projects across the United States for over 40 years at Methane Specialists. Our expertise with local municipalities and regulatory agencies translates to better, safer construction strategies, and we’re happy to put our experience to work for our clients.  With a trusted network of design and engineering professionals, Methane Specialists can also design, engineer, and install a wide range of mitigation systems including oil and tar mitigation, methane detection & ventilation systems, groundwater control systems, vapor intrusion systems and much more. Contact us today to schedule your Methane Deputy Inspection.